Who we are

UTSLV.com was made by two old slv players, D3monT and Pti_Yoda. Since long time we thought about something where we can back with our lovely game and mod, Unreal Tournament Strangelove. First of all we looked around the old community and slv servers for make a first contact with our way, the answer was bad, no more slv, no more players.

After this bad news, we spock a long time about our project, can we do it? no, yes, why?

We are born in slv, we love unreal tournament, here we go! Our way is simple, make an slv server, for all the old good times, Unreal Tournament is still alive with our hearts and many people who keep this game alive. Thanks.

At the end, we wanted to buy the old ut-slv.com for give it to the slv community (50$) but it failed. So we decided to pick up an other utslv, and we appreciate every help or discussion about that.

Regards, <))fk((> Team.

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